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I’ll bet that you’re absolutely terrified of giving that

wedding speech, aren’t you?

But don’t worry, I have a solution!


From:  Tony Lawson

Re:        My Amazing Wedding Speeches


Perhaps you might like to put your speech to song like the video.  If not, please read on.

If you are about to give a wedding speech for the first time, or the last time you gave one, it was a disaster.  Please read on.

If speaking in front of 10 people isn’t your favorite thing, just imagine you’re standing alone in front of 200 people.  It’s natural to feel nervous, I am a professional speaker now, and I still get nervous after 20 years of speaking in front of people.  The number of people I speak to range from 5 to 500.

But if you own this product, you will write a wedding speech that can:

  • deliver a speech that will knock their socks off
  • defeat nervous jitters and look and feel confident, and
  • make them laugh, cry or all of the above

Or perhaps you may wish to put your speech to song


But How Do I Do This?  How Do I Prepare And Give That Amazing Wedding Speech?

I’m Glad You Asked


Dear Nervous Speaker

Sure it’s their big day or perhaps it is yours.

You may be the bride or groom. or some other member of the bridal party or a guest who has been asked to give a wedding speech.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not nervous too!  You’ve got an important job to do, giving that wedding speech, and you want to do it right, don’t you?

One that will be remembered forever (for better or for worse),.  And you can either knock it out of the ballpark  …  or deliver a dud.

The best thing you can do is sit down and discover what makes an amazing wedding speech, amazing.  Something that will impress the bride, groom and all the friends and family who join them.  Or if you are the bride or groom, make your new partner so proud of you.  You will amaze them.

They may think that you are absolutely hopeless in public speaking, but are you going to give them one hell of a shock? absolutely.

It may seem overwhelming, but it’s easy when you know how.

Will You Be Tongue-Tied, I Know I Was

Can you remember the wedding you went to, the one where you heard the worst speech ever…

People in the crowd cringed and wanted to crawl under the table.  You remember it, don’t you.  Do you want that to happen to you.  NO YOU DON’T

Weddings are meant to be fun and carefree.  NOT full of anxiety.  You may be full of doubt and fear that your speech won’t come off the way you want it to.

But it can! And YOUR speech CAN be the one everyone will remember.

I am also going to include something (FOR FREE) that will make the speech the best part of the ceremony, something that everybody will remember.  More about this later …  This in itself will ensure the speeches given will be something to remember.

When you find out how others have delivered dynamite speeches (with real samples), and let me show you how they wrote and planned them … you’ll be ready to shock everyone with your own amazing wedding speech.

Note:  Plus, you can use proven relaxation techniques that will calm your nerves and let you enjoy yourself.

Yes, this is about enjoying yourself, isn’t it?  This is the big day, either for you, your spouse or the friends you are giving the speech for.  You don’t want to be a nervous wreck worrying about the speech and not enjoy the rest of the ceremony, do you?

I remember my own wedding, many years ago.  My wedding was at 4pm in the afternoon.  On the day of the wedding, I needed to take half a Valium (a relaxant) in the morning, which I did, and it worked.  I then intended to take the other half in the early afternoon (I didn’t want to fall asleep during the church service).

In the early afternoon, I went to find the other half other half of the Valium, which I could not find, but then again, I couldn’t wake the cat either.  The cat survived ok, but was probably more relaxed that I was.  (I didn’t tell my future wife about HER cat either.

I really don’t remember much about my wedding, I was so BLOODY terrified of THAT speech.

Introducing My Amazing Wedding Speeches.  This guide will turn you into an expert speaker in a very short period of time.  Do you want to learn how to brainstorm, outline, write and deliver the perfect speech?  Well here it is!  In fact, after the wedding is over, you can use this guide to delivery ANY speech that you may need to give in the future.

 Image for my amazing wedding speeches

You may not think of yourself as a great speech giver now.  But just wait ’til you deliver your well-prepared, smartly-written speech that will touch everyone in the crowd.  I guarantee that you will be so proud of yourself.

But I tell you what.  If you buy today, I will also include the following four free bonus reports.  These reports will also assist you to make that amazing wedding speech.

Free Bonus Report Number 1 – 14 Tips For The Bride Speech

A speech by the bride is becoming the norm these days.  These are great tips.

Wedding-Speeches-Report-4 14 tips


Free Bonus Report Number 2 – The Ten commandments of Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts are another very import part of the wedding formalities.

Wedding-Speeches-Report-3 the ten commandments

Free Bonus Report Number 3 – Wedding Readings

This is the pick of the bonus’.  These readings are absolutely beautiful.  Pick the right one and tears will be shed.  Weddings are supposed to be happy, but these readings really emphasise the importance and sanctity of marriage.

Wedding-Speeches-Report-2(2) wedding readings

Free Bonus Report Number 4 – The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage

Some fantastic tips on how to ensure this marriage lasts.  That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Wedding-Speeches-Report-1 the newsly weds buide


FREE BONUS NUMBER 5 – I was going to sell this separately, but I thought, what the hell.  It just might further assist someone in preparing for their speech.  IT IS AN AUDIO VERSION OF THE EBOOK, MY AMAZING WEDDING SPEECHES.


 ….. Here is some SOME of the wedding speech strategies

you will find inside:

  • seven specific rules you have to follow to ensure you give an amazing wedding speech – pages 13-16
  • these Golden Rules don’t just apply to life … read this book to learn how to incorporate the Golden Rules into every wedding speech, so that you grab your audience by their emotions and have them hanging onto your every word – page 25
  • get your wedding speech right the first time, you can … and i’ll show you how – page 41
  • so a guy walks up to you and says … um!  (You forgot the line, didn’t you?  This ever happen to you?  Discover valuable tips and tricks on how to nevefr forget the punch line again! – page 32
  • learn tricks on how to control any nervousness or ‘stomach butterflies’ you may have before giving a speech.  (It has effected us all at some time or another – page 29
  • exactly what to do before you sit down to write one word of your wedding speech (it’s critical if you want to craftg a jaw-dropping speech – page 14
  • learn what the ‘big ah-ah’ is all about … and what to do to avoid it (following this rules almost guarantees a great wedding speech – page 4
  • how to inject real sincerity and flair into every wedding speech – page 34
  • how to emotionally connect with your audience – page 34
  • how to make your wedding speech different and stand out among everyone else (years later, people will look back with a big smile on their face while remembering your speech – page 10
  • a big mistake that almost everyone makes while giving a wedding speech and i’.. show you how to correct it for yourwedding speech – page 27
  • how to effortlessly bring in everything you’ve learned from my book into a flawless wedding speech – page 73
  • why you should praqctice reading your wedding speech aloud … and a simple test you can do to guarantee it will be a smash hit – page 13
  • how to uncover a great hook or angle you can use to ‘grab your audience by the ears’ and pull them into your speech – page 37

This Is The Guide I Was Looking For But Couldn’t Find … It’s Called My Amazing Wedding Speeches

There are some other resources out there on the Internet that actually are free, but do not give you what is included in this package.  Not only do I give you the how to … but I also show you how to overcome the nerves, how to prepare other speeches etc.


Why Should You Buy Today?

I’ll best the wedding is coming up soon, and if it is not, you don’t want to leave it until the last minute to get that speech prepared.

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ο   the ebook, My Amazing Wedding Speeches which contains information, tips and examples of wedding speeches for father of the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaid, bride, and friend’s speech

ο  Bonus 1 – 14 tips for the bride

ο  Bonus 2 – The Ten Commandments of Wedding Toasts

ο  Bonus 3 – Wedding Readings

ο  Bonus 4 – The Newlyweds’ Guide to a Happy Marriage

ο  AND THE BIG ONE – Bonus 5 – The Audio of the ebook, My Amazing Wedding Speeches.  Do you think this will help you.  Yes, being able to listen to the ebook as well.  It will certainly give you some ideas and you will probably get that ah ha moment.


P.S. Remember, you have it all at your fingertips, get this report now to ensure you give the best speech you have ever given, while presenting in a confident way.

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Sincerely to your success in giving that amazing wedding speech.



The Wedding Speech Guy